Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: The Sleepy Wrap

 Because Piper had colic, I am very familiar with baby wearing.  Back then, we used a sling.  While Piper loved the sling, my shoulder and sometimes back, did not.  I was all set to use the sling again with Colbie, but she had other ideas.  She did not like the positions that the sling put her in.  So, the poor baby spent a lot of time in bouncy seats and swings instead of being close to mommy.

Then, I stumbled across the Sleepy Wrap.  I don't even remember where I first read about it, but soon I was reading about it all over the blogosphere.  I checked out their website to find out more about the Sleepy Wrap.  This is what I read:

The Sleepy Wrap baby carrier securely holds your little one close to you. Our baby wrap is specially designed for your baby's first year of life, yet you may comfortably carry your baby for as long as you both desire. Time and time again you will find your baby sleeping peacefully against your chest.


•Cry Less! (43% less overall and 54% less during the evening hours)1

•Are Healthier! (gain weight faster, have better motor skills, coordination, increased muscle tone, and sense of balance)2

•Get a better view of the world! (babies pushed in strollers or lugged around in car seats only get to see the adult world at knee-level)

•Become Independent Faster! (making them more confident and less clingy)3

•Sleep Better! (they fall asleep quicker and sleep for longer periods of time)

•Learn More! (not overstimulated, but calm and alert, observing the world around them)

•And are just plain Happier!

As if I needed any more convincing that I wanted one!  It was only a matter a time before I convinced Matt that I needed the Sleepy Wrap.

That was when fate stepped in and I won one!  I took part in a "twitter party" on a Tuesday night.  Everyone, including Organic PR and Sleepy Wrap, were very helpful when I voiced my concerns and asked for advice on what type of baby carrier I needed. But, as stoked as I was to win the Sleepy Wrap I was a bit bummed because we were heading to Atlanta that weekend to watch my husband compete in the Cuervo Games. I knew that this would be the perfect place to try out  my new Sleepy Wrap
You can imagine my surprise when my Sleepy Wrap arrived in the mail on Friday!  Talk about fast shipping, and I wasn't even a paying customer! Kudos to  Sleepy Wrap already!

The Sleepy Wrap comes in many beautiful colors.  I chose gray because I am secretly hoping I can convince Matt to wear it.  I knew he would never go for it if I had gotten it in pink.  Upon taking the Sleepy Wrap out of the package, I was slightly intimidated by the amount of fabric that made it up. It is essentially a long stretch of fabric that you wrap in a specific way around your body. 
Together, Matt and I followed the tying instructions.  The instructions were easy to follow. In less than 3 minutes we had it on me correctly.  The amount of fabric turned out to not be an issue.  The next step was testing it out with Colbie.  I put her in the Sleepy Wrap using the Classic Love Your Baby Hold.  She did not protest at all.  And to my delight, she was not putting any strain on my back or shoulders.  But, the real test would come the next day because we would be standing outside for an extended amount of time.

At the Cuervo Games, Colbie hung out  in our stroller for a little while.  When she started getting fussy, I tied on my Sleepy Wrap and put her in it.  The fussing stopped immediately.  She enjoyed snuggling up to her mommy and being able to look around.  She stayed content, and true to its name, eventually she fell asleep.  The best part is that after carrying her in the Sleepy Wrap for over 3 hours, neither my back nor my shoulders were suffering. I was amazed!

Since that afternoon, Colbie has spent a lot of time in the Sleepy Wrap. It has made grocery shopping, cleaning, and outside time so much easier. I no longer feel like I am having to choose between my kids. I can love on my baby and take care of my toddler without feeling like someone is getting neglected because my hands are now completely free.  It truly has had a positive impact on my life.

If you are a new mom, pregnant or looking for an amazing baby shower gift, get the Sleepy Wrap.  You will be so glad that you did!

Things I love about the Sleepy Wrap
  • Colbie loves it
    • She is happy to be close to her mama
  • It is super comfortable
    • no back or shoulder pains
  • It is cute
    • I've gotten several compliments on it
  • No sizing to worry about
    • It is truly one size fits all thanks to the amount of fabric that makes up the wrap
  • Awesome customer service
Things I don't love:

Nothing to write here!  I love everything about the Sleepy Wrap!

 The Sleepy Wrap Classic  retails for $39.95 and can be purchased on their website or you can buy it from a retailer in your area.

*I received this product as a prize but I was not asked to write a review.  The opinion expressed in this review is my own. I was not compensated in any way.


  1. Speaking of nursing... CAN you nurse the baby while they are in the sleepy wrap?

  2. You can! I'm going to update it with the link to the nursing page.

  3. I am expecting (already have a toddler!) and I am totally in the market for a wrap!! You look so comfy, I might totally have to check it out!

  4. You really should! I wish I would have had this when Colbie first arrived. Life would have been so much easier.

  5. I LOVE my Sleepy Wrap! I tried a different kind of wrap when my daughter was first born, but the stretchiness of the sleepy wrap makes it so much better! I recommend it to all my friends!