Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TMI warning

This is completely TMI, but it is hilarious so I must share!

You have been warned! If you are easily grossed out do NOT read any further.

I warned you, so I don't want to get any "Ewww" comments!

As you are all aware, potty training + Piper = FAIL.

However, she insists that I put her in panties. Her exact words are " I can't want diaper. I need panties!"
And being the glutton for punishment that I am, I put her in panties knowing that I am going to be washing a lot of panties. And wouldn't you know that her favorite thing to do in her panties is, of course, numero dos.

The other night, Piper and her Daddy are playing in the kitchen. She is running around like crazy. I am recording this cuteness on video. Matt, not realizing that I am videoing them, looks at me and says "I think she has a turd in her panties." Which she does. I stop taping and take a picture because I want her to "see" what it looks like because- well, because I am an idiot.

And the conversation goes like this:

"Piper come let Mommy show you what it looks like when you poo poo in your panties."

I show her the picture.

"We can tell because you look like you have a tail when you poo poo in your panties."

"I need to see tail"

I show her the picture again

making a "pushing" face "Grrr. I need a tail"


again with the face "I need a TAIL!"

Soooo, apparently describing a #2 as a tail is definitely not the way to discourage a two year old from pooping in their pants. Just a little FYI...

Back to the drawing board, my friends!


  1. Potty training is not fun at all, but very hilarious. My daughter walked in to us once, after going number 2 on the toilet, with poo all over her hands. She looked so proud and said Look! I wipe myself all by my own self!

    It was gross. Hilarious yes. But definitely gross.

  2. I am finding out very quickly that I am must get over my easy gag reflex!