About Me

I am married to an amazing man. He puts up with my chaotic brain which is more than I deserve. We have two beautiful daughters. Piper Michéle is affectionate, overly dramatic, and always busy. Colbie Elizabeth is laid back, sweet, and loves to observe what is going on around her.

Some people would describe me as a hippy because I cloth diaper, breastfeed and cosleep. And as much as I would love to fall into that category, the truth is that I am simply frugal (okay, cheap). I am, however, slowly becoming a more "green" home.

I have my BBA in Accounting, but I am a stay at home mom. I love staying home with my girls, but sometimes I do get a little stir crazy. And, you would think that since I am home all day, I would have a spotless house. Not so! I am messy and cleaning is going against the grain for me. But, I try, so I am always looking for motivation, or products that make cleaning and organizing easier.

I love to research things. I am seriously a google addict. My favorite past times are reading and writing. My musical tast is very eclectic. I prefer jeans over dresses and flip flops over heels. I am a Christian and I believe that small miracles happen daily. Looking at my daughters is proof of that...

Anything else? Feel free to ask!