Monday, August 9, 2010

Review: Cuisinart Sandwich Grill

At my house, cooking has become a luxury.  Between Piper and Colbie someone always needs mom.  It gets even crazier when you add M, the little one I keep during the week, to the mix.  That is why I love my Cuisinart Dual-Sandwich Grill.

Here are the description and features as listed on the Cuisinart® Website.

Product Description

The Cuisinart® Sandwich Grill does more than lunch. This versatile Cuisinart product also makes omelets and French toast! Designed to grill two items at a time, it is perfect for breakfast, lunch or light dinners

Product Features

Grills two sandwiches, omelettes or servings of French toast

Red and green "ready to bake/ready to eat" indicator lights

Nonstick baking plates

Raised edges to seal ingredients inside sandwiches

Deep pockets

Lock-down lid

Instruction/Recipe book

Limited 3-year warranty

When Matt and I got married, we purchased the Sandwich Grill for purely nostalgic reasons.  My grandparents had one when I was little, and I used to love making all kinds of sandwiches with it.  Now that I had my own, we really didn't use it much-- until now.

Toddlers are picky little creatures.  One day, they love peas.  The next day, they are throwing them across the room.  But, in my experience with the two toddlers I spend all day with, grilled cheese sandwiches (really anything with cheese!) are never a bad thing.  But,  to make a grilled cheese sandwich the traditional way requires too much of my time and attention.  9 times out of 10, I burn the sandwiches on at least one side, if not both.

Well wouldn't you know, my Cuisinart Sandwich Grill has helped change all that. When first plugged in, a red light comes on indicating that the grill is not ready.

 It takes approximately 5 minutes for the grill to reach the right temperature, and when it does, the green indicator light comes on.

I always butter the outside of my sandwich before grilling, but you don't have to do it this way.  I place my sandwich on the bottom grill plate, close the lid, and lock it. 

The red light comes back on after I do this.  In less than 90 seconds the green light comes back on, and  I have perfectly grilled sandwich.

Things I love about the Cuisinart® Sandwich Grill:
  • Simple to Use
    • Just put the sandwich on the grill plate and close the lid.
  • Fast
    • Sandwich is ready in under two minutes.
  • Foolproof
    • I've yet to burn a sandwich.
  • Inexpensive 
    • You can purchase one here for $19.86.
  • Small size for easy storage

Things I don't love:
  • Plates are not removable. 
    • It would be easier to clean if they were removable.

The Cuisinart® Sandwich Grill is perfect for Dorms, too!

*This product was purchased by me for personal use.  I was not compensated in any way


  1. It's so ironic that you posted this! We have one, too, but it has only been used maybe once or twice (when we lived in LA-which was over a year ago). I saw it in the bottom of the pantry yesterday, packaged back up in its original box, and got so excited! I honestly forgot we had it, but I'm anxious to get it back out and use it!

  2. Just wait until you have to start making grilled cheese all the time! LOL!

  3. Just wait until you have to start making grilled cheese all the time! LOL!