Thursday, February 24, 2011

War and Yesterday's Lunch

We have been the lucky latest winners in the "Whose House Will I Hit Next" virus game.  Both of my girls have had it and it has not been fun.  But, I figured I'd share with you the things that I have learned!

*The virus' goal is to attack when you least suspect it
I think that stomach bugs secretly compete with each other to see which one can catch the most people off guard.  With Piper, her virus tried to win with a "coughing turning into vomiting" spell at 4 am.  But, Colbie's virus was the clear winner with the vomiting all over mommy, the bed, and the floor at 1 am while mommy was in a deep sleep.

*You are going to be puked on
I have given up on trying to get my kids to aim for the trash can, toilet, or a bowl.  These objects are not virus friendly.  My shirt and hair, however, are like vomit magnets.

*Towels are your best friend
And the more friends you have, the merrier.  You can use them to cover up a virus' mess until you have time to clean and disinfect it.  And, it is a lot easier to change towels than shirts.

*A call to the Dr.'s office is going to do you no good
First off,  the virus will almost always wait until the middle of the night or the weekend to hit.  By the time the on call Dr. gets back to you, the virus has stopped doing it's thing.  Once in a blue moon, you will get a inexperienced virus that makes it's appearance on a Monday at 10 am.  But, even then, they may only tell you to watch for signs of dehydration.  So educate yourself on signs to watch for ( Dr. Sears' website has a lot of information).

And last but not least-

*You are going to have a turn with the virus, too
Only the lucky few escape a virus attack unscathed.

If you find yourself at war with the dreaded stomach virus in the near future, good luck!  And if you have any tried and true battle tips, share them.  I am always looking for new items to add to my arsenal.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: What we've been up to!

Flying to snow country!

Lots of snow!

Trying out new hair clips
Yay for Toy Story for her birthday
Happy Birthday, Colbie!


Piper being cute (and mischievous) 

Apparently, Sprinkles are good on anything

Splashing in the tub


And this?  Well, this is Colbie's face she makes when she wants something