Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tea Party

We bought a cute little table for Piper on Friday that has the Disney princesses on it. It came with two matching chairs. Piper loves it. I figured that since she had a table of her own, I would open up a tea set that we have. She has been playing with it non stop. It is made of porcelain, and unfortunately has already suffered a casualty. She broke one of the plates (all I heard was "oh no! I broke it!" and turned around to see her holding three pieces of a little porcelain plate)

This morning when we woke up, she begged for me to take out the tea set again. So I got it and filled her little tea pot with water. She filled up two of the cups and then said "C'mon Rampage. Drinkie a tea!" Rampage was outside, though, so I went and got him. After he came in, I put some food on his little plate on Piper's table and the photo below took place. Such a cute moment!

Thank you, Rampage, for playing along with my little girl!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Every Friday, Cloth Diaper Blog has a feed your stash giveaway where you can win cloth diapers or cloth diapering accessories. This Friday you can win a Planet Wise wet/dry bag and a Planet Wise changing pad. I have the wet/dry bag and I love it. Not only is it great for carrying clean and dirty cloth diapers, it is also useful for carrying wet swimsuits. Check it out!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beach Babies

My sister, headed to her hometown this week, which also happens to be where my grandmothers and aunt live. So, I decided very spur of the moment to pack up the girls and head down that way. My mom came up with the very brilliant idea to invite my MIL and luckily, after several attempts, I was able to reach her on the phone. She graciously accepted my invite and we headed to the beach.

Less than 30 minutes into the trip, I realized that I had been very naive to think that I could have managed the trip on my own. I am extremely thankful that KK was able to come. What is usually a 4 hour trip took us more than 6. But, we finally arrived around 1 in the morning.

Tuesday my sister had plans with her friends, so KK and I took the girls to the beach. Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard about the oil spill that is affecting the Gulf. People have been cancelling their plans, but in this case, they really have been jumping the gun. The water, the beach, the air were all clean and beautiful.

My daughters loved the beach. Piper never wanted to leave the water. If KK got tired of being in the water, I would go back out there with her and vice versa. And Colbie chilled out in the pack and play. We were there for at least 4 hours and neither of the girls complained at all.

That night, however, I made the mistake of taken my very tired 2 year old out to eat. And she let me know how big of a mistake it was! I have never seen her act so badly. But, I can't really blame her too much, because I knew she was tired and all tired toddlers act the same- B-A-D!

Wednesday, my sister and her friend, my Grammy, KK, the girls, and myself at this amazing local restaurant. I haven't eaten there in a very long time. It was so good. And, Piper loved it because we ate outside on the water.

After coming home and relaxing for a few hours, we went to hang out with my sister and my aunt. She has two boys, but they were at baseball practice, so it was just the girls. I really enjoyed our time there. We ate spaghetti and a delicious salad. For dessert, we swam in the pool. Piper really loves the water. And, Colbie did not complain a bit about being in the water. It appears that they are both going to be litte mermaids. The boys came home pretty late, but we did get to see them. Of course, Piper loved them, too!

We headed back home on Thursday morning. I missed Matt so much while I was gone, but I am glad that I went. I enjoyed seeing my sister, my aunt and her family, and my Grammy. I'm also so happy that if the oil does indeed destroy the beaches of all the Gulf, that I was able to make a trip down there before it happens and let my girls enjoy the snow white sand and emerald waters.