Monday, August 30, 2010

Operation No More Diapers

I have come to the realization in my potty training journey that I am ultimately the problem.  I have been inconsistent with my methods.  One week, it was stickers.  At other times, I have a used a timer, putting her in panties, or letting her run around without anything on.  But, I never stuck with a single one of those.  So, I began what I call Operation No More Diapers.

This time I have a plan- a plan that, so help me, I am sticking to!

The plan has two parts:

Part one:

I have already completed this step.  For the past week, I have been putting Piper in dresses without any diapers or panties.  She doesn't like messes or being dirty.  So, without a diaper to "catch" her tee tee, she has learned to hold it until she really needs to go.  When she does need to go, she will exclaim, "I need to tee tee!" as she runs to her little potty. 

My child is not an idiot.  If I put a diaper on her, she will no doubt use it for what it is for.  When she does, we don't get upset.  After all, it really is my fault for not being more attentive to her needs. 

Part two:

This week, I am putting Piper in panties.  If she acts like she stills sees them as a "catcher" then I will go back to part one.  But, I am NOT putting her back in diapers.  My future sister-in-law was telling me about a friend of hers who would put her daughter in character panties to start the day.  If she wet those panties, she was put in plain white panties for the rest of the day.  I like this idea.  I will no doubt update on her progress.

Because she made it through part one with very few mishaps, we rewarded her with the Fisher-Price We Really Did It Dora Doll.  Piper first made friends with this doll 3 weeks ago on a grocery shopping trip.  Matt and I let Piper hang out with Dora in the shopping cart while we were in the store.  Piper loved her. When it was time for us to go home,  Piper continually asked "Where's my Dora?"   We told her that Dora lived at the store, and she could come live with us whenever Piper started using her potty.  Lucky for Piper, her grandparents are a less patient, so they bought the doll for her.  After part one of Operation No More Diapers was completed, her Grandaddy gave her doll.  She was ecstatic.

She even made me take a picture of her.

"Mommy, takey a picture of Dora? Dora say cheese!"

The cutest thing about her getting this doll is that she loves showing Dora what her potty contains.  Last night, I followed her into the dark bathroom and overheard her telling Dora "Look at my tee tee Dora. See it?"  Unfortunately, I had already rinsed out the potty, so when I turned on the lights Piper said "Oh NO!  Where is my tee tee?"  Oops, my bad...

We have only had a few set backs, but I don't expect Piper to be automatically awesome at it  (That line of thinking went out the window around the 2nd month of this craziness we call potty training)

So now that that is going well and to show you all how much I love torturing myself, I am encouraging M, the little girl I keep during the week, to use the potty.  I think I have gone completely insane =)

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  1. Piper keep up the good work. The potty is our friend. It keeps us and the house stinky free.
    Smart mommy, the dress and no panties thing sounds like it was a great starting point and let us know how putting her back in panties goes.