Saturday, July 24, 2010

This one...

Little Colbie has been with us for 6 months! Time has flown by. She is an incredibly sweet baby and I am so thankful to have been blessed with her. Here's a glimpse into what Colbie is doing these days.

The little rascal can roll over from her back to her stomach but not from her stomach to her back.

She absolutely loves no diaper time. If you want to hear her sing, simply take her diaper off and lay her down.

She can say "dada" but usually it is in a string of other syllables. Her favorite syllable being "ahhhhh"

When you hold her, she prefers to be facing out so she can see everything.

Piper trips her out. It is so cute!

Her breath smells so amazingly sweet. I could let her breath in my face all day and never tire of it. Sorry, Edward Cullen, but I doubt your breath could be any sweeter.

She loves to go to bed early. And I mean bed. Sleeping in some one's arms is not the same and she will wake up after a short amount of time.
She sleeps all night. She gets up later than I do, but earlier than Piper.

She loves put two things in her mouth- her feet or an adults fingers.

She never would take a pacifier.

Her favorite toy right changes almost weekly. This week it is the little pink stuffed animal blankie she is loving in her sleep in the picture above

She is very laid back and is pretty much happy all the time. The only thing that makes her really ill is being tired.

She has learned how to cry really loud. Almost as loud as Piper did when she was that age... but not quite.

She is still nursing and I hope that just like Piper we can make it past the 1 year mark. And we started feeding her rice cereal this week- she loves it!
She is growing up so fast. She makes me want to have more- think Duggar style- if I could guarantee that they would be all like her (I love you, too, Piper)


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