Saturday, July 31, 2010

Duhraamma (Drama)

I'm new to this whole toddler thing. No, wait. Let me rephrase that... I'm new to this whole parenting thing. Sure, I've been doing it for a little over two years, but each day brings a new element to the mix.

As of today, there are two adjectives that I can use to describe Piper: dramatic and mischievous.

She already acts like your typical female. She is affectionate and sweet. She is a little mama. She loves to help. She loves jewelry, the color pink, and anything that sparkles. And she is a major drama queen.

Nothing is done halfway. When she is happy, she is overjoyed. When she is loving on you, she smothers you to death. When she is sad, she bawls and needs lots of comfort. If she is trying to do something, like screwing the lid onto a bottle, and she is unable to do it, she'll exclaim "I can't do it!" as she throws it across the room.

And then there is my favorite one- the pout!

When Piper finds something to pout about she will drop (and I mean drop) whatever she is holding, hang her head as far down as she can, and stomp to the bedroom without ever taking her eyes off of the floor. She'll shut the door and (I imagine) fling herself onto her bed. Umm, really? It is quite comical, but where the heck did she learn this?

Here's her other new "quirk".

Piper was climbing onto the tabletop of a kiddie picnic table we have on the porch. I told her to stop climbing on top of the table. She stops. 30 seconds pass. She looks at me and says...

"Mama, you're hot. You need to go inside."

Sounds good to me. But then I realize she means for me and me alone to go inside. Hmmm, interesting. Very interesting.

Fast forward to two days later. I am sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when Piper climbs onto the arm of the couch and stands up. She then jumps off of the arm onto to couch. Not wanting my child to break her neck, I tell her she that what she is doing is dangerous. No jumping on the couch. Her response?

"Mommy. You're tired. You need to go to your room."

Ohhhhh, Now I get it. This little rascal wants me to go away so she can do what I just told her not to do. She has already figured out that if I don't see her... Great. Just great.

Maybe all girls do this. Maybe she is just your average 2 year old. Since this is my first experience raising a little person, I can't be sure. But if she is already doing this at two what is she going to be doing at 16? I'm breaking a sweat just thinking about it.

I'm innocent I tell ya! Innocent!


  1. i about died laughing so hard from piper's comments...she seems to really know where mommy needs to go so she can be a "bad" girl. don't worry, i feel your pain....daily. when hayden wants to do "bad" things, he locks his door or hides under a blanket. i have no idea how or where they get these ideas from....i wish i knew! i sometimes blame dora, thomas, diego....there has to be somebody that is the culprit. right?

    who knows, i pray that mine are just being "bad" while they are young and then turn into sweet little angels when they become teenagers. i would much rather deal with a "bad" toddler than a "bad" teenager. boy do i dread those years.....

  2. @Allison, I dread them, too. My mom says she never thought about it with us... I think about it ALL THE TIME!!