Monday, July 26, 2010

3 things


So, I'm going to be real today,

3 things are aggravating me beyond belief.

#1. Potty training Piper

I can not lie. Part of me wants to throw in the towel and let her wear diapers until High School. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I honestly did not think that it would be a battle getting my 28 month old to sit on the blasted potty. The other part of me knows that it is time to get this girl out of diapers no matter how hard it is.
Exhibit A: Two days ago, she smiled at me innocently while she peed a river on my hardwood floors. Yeah, she was in big trouble for that one.

Exhibit B: About 40% of the time, she cries when we put her on the potty.

I'm trying hard to be patient, but it really is hard. I want to pull my hair out, gnash my teeth, and hit the wall all at the same time, but amazingly enough, I have managed to keep up a fa├žade of complete serenity. I don't know how much longer I will last, though.

#2 My house

I hate everything about my house that traditionally is the wife's job to take care.

I want to decorate. I want rugs, and curtains, and beautiful furniture. I want to display thing artfully. I want my house to ooze Pottery Barn mixed with Etsy right out the front door.

I want to be clean and organized. I am probably the world's worst housekeeper. Clutter is all I see and it drives me insane. I want to throw everything away. Everything! I don't, however think that would go over too well with my hubby. His mantra is that even if I haven't used it in 5 years, if I think I might possibly need to use it in 50, it stays.

But, I can't blame him. It really is all my own fault. When I start cleaning, I am so easily distracted. I am terrible when it comes to picking up after myself. Of course, this is not a new thing. You should have seen my room in high school You couldn't even see the floor. I want to break this cycle so bad!

#3 Me, in general

Okay, so some people look at me and think that there is no reason for me to be stressing about my body, but those people see me in clothes. I know that I have had two kids and that some things just don't snap back when they have been stretched beyond their threshold. But, I know that if I could just lose the love handles, tone my arms and thighs, and lose about 7lbs, I wouldn't feel so blah.

In addition to the body issues, I never fix my hair or put on makeup. I also never get dressed in cute attire. My uniform has lately been hair in a bun and knit pants and a tee.

I want to have a body that looks good in a bathing suit. I want to have pretty hair and a flawless complexion. And, I want to dress stylishly. I think that is possible, right?

So, what is the point of all this moaning? I'm going to be posting about my struggles and what I am doing about them. So bear with me. Maybe it won't take too long to work it out! I am also interested in finding out other women do it all so effortlessly! Any insight would be helpful ;)


  1. nice blog! i guess a smart person would say the first step is admitting this:)

    as far as the potty training goes....i would say let them decide & even though it's hard (from personal experience) try not to compare or use any guidebooks to tell you when the right time is. all kids are different. take them to the potty and talk potty with them but don't stress it. it was so hard with my first and he was over 3 before we got him done. i stressed, pulled my hair out, cried, read books, etc. he just wasn't going to do it & i drove myself crazy. i also let others tell me he was too old and listened when they bragged about their kids (so i just bragged...oh yeah well my kid can go get his diaper and unfasten it & he will even lift his butt for me). soooo with my 2nd i said nope not gonna stress it and he was potty trained fully before 2...with no effort at all. it's when they are ready:)

    oh about about the other stuff, i'll be looking to see if anyone has the answer to that b/c i'm right there with you...except i need to lose thirty-seven pounds:)

  2. I work at all of these things & I swear if you find someone that accomplishes this stuff effortlessly; I'll be the next in line to pinch her & make sure she's real! Short of a cleaning fairy, the potty gods, & some liposuction it doesn't happen overnight. Hang in there. You'll get to it one day!! At least that's my mantra!

    I have no useful advice on the potty training. On the house stuff, set a timer for 15 minutes for each room (read this in a magazine on how to clean my house!) The point is even if I get lost in a stack of pictures while "organizing", I'm only there for 15 mins. It seems to work, but you MUST leave that room when the timer goes off.

    I'm working on the body replacement as well! Two kids did a number on mine too, but I make it a point to break a sweat every day. It may be chasing C around for 10 minutes but it's something. I also love my elliptical! I can't do it until the 9-10 hour each night but I do it. It's my free time & I get to read while I'm doing it.

    Good luck! Hannah

  3. Hey Lauren! I know everyone has different tricks that worked for potty training, but I will share what I did and maybe you can use some of it. When I started with Alden I tried everything. But I didn't take any of it too seriously, so if it didn't work after a few days I abandoned it. In the end we just bought a cute potty book that made flushing sounds, some cool big boy underwear and I made a chart on a piece of poster board. Whenever he used the potty he got to put a sticker on there. He also got a bonus sticker if he remembered to wash his hands afterwards. When he got 10 stickers he got a piece of candy. I am sure it is wrong to bribe them with candy but we only had to do it for about a week.
    Also, I never let him see that I was mad or frustrated when he had "accidents". Kids can sometimes be funny about things and the more frustrated you get the more they do the exact thing that is driving you crazy. So I would just clean up the mess and wash a load of underwear a day, not to mention washing sheets constantly. But I always kept my poker face and never said anything except maybe "Uh Oh" or "let's get a towel and clean this up". And I would ask him every 30 minutes if he needed to go and if he said no I would keep asking "are you sure?" until he would eventually go to get me to shut up.

  4. Thank you all! As of today, we are putting stars on a paper when she goes in the potty. No pressuring at the moment. We'll see how it goes!