Thursday, July 22, 2010

It has been a while...

I've been a very busy girl.

Not busy in the sense that I have been running around, but there has just been a lot going on!

I started keeping a little girl, M, at the beginning of June. I am very happy that I did, because it is forcing Piper to learn to share, and also giving her a chance to interact with someone her own age. And, it is bringing in a little income for me.

All of the girls (mine and little M) were sick for what seemed like for-e-ver! Nobody was running a fever, but snotty noses were everywhere. I finally took Piper to the Dr. because she seemed to be better and then she started coughing all night again. She had bronchitis and an ear infection. Luckily, I took Colbie with me because she also had an ear infection and a clogged tear duct. Poor babies were on all kinds of meds.

I lost my wallet and killed my computer within days of each other. I completely blame that on mommy brain!

We have started really focusing on potty training Piper. That is probably the real reason why I haven't posted. It is not going as well as I had hoped... (and by well, I mean that I had hoped she would just pee in the potty the first time with no objections and continue. Yeah right.) She isn't in diapers at all during the day, but I am changing panties at least 5 times a day. And she holds the worst for the cloth diaper that I put on her for nighttime. Yay me. It has been frustrating and challenging and slow. But, I know that she will eventually get it!

On to the good news! I won a $250 dollar giftcard to Amanda Grantham Photography

My facebook friends and family are awesome! I am not even kidding when I say that I couldn't have done it without them. They put up with my constant badgering and didn't gripe about it at all! ;) I am truly grateful!


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