Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend of trauma

The weekend started normal. Piper spent the night with a set of grandparents on Friday, and I picked her up close to 11 on Saturday morning. We filled up her "cold bath" (aka kiddie pool) and she splashed around while Matt so very sweetly detailed my car. Her Grandaddy (Matt's dad) came over for a visit Saturday night for a little while and after he left... all normalcy disappeared.

Colbie was fussy because she had refused to nap during the day, so I was putting her to bed. Matt was doing some work on the computer in his office and Piper was being Piper, i.e., running around from room to room trying to avoid going to bed.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a glass bowl hitting the wood floor. It didn't break, but I could tell that someone (Piper) had dropped a bowl. And then the crying started. I headed towards the sound to see Matt carrying Piper in his arms. He explained that she had dropped a bowl on her foot. When I asked her where it hurt, she pointed to her big toe and said "Right there." I took a peek at her toe and the toe nail was already dark purple. And it was already swelling. We thought at first it was broken, but she could wiggle it and it didn't hurt if we touched it the bottom or sides of the toe.

Poor big toe

Then, on Sunday, Piper somehow, some way, got a hold of a bottle of infants ibruprofen and work the supposedly child proof cap off. Luckily, she said "Look what Piper's got" as she was licking the medicine off of the syringe that she had stuck into the bottle she had just opened.

So basically, Piper tried to break her foot and poison herself all while under the supervision of her sometimes overly cautious parents. I can already tell that it is going to be a crazy 18 years ;)


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