Sunday, May 23, 2010

Colbie missed her mommy

I returned to work this weekend to help out while most the bartenders were away on a bachelorette party. I worked Saturday night and Sunday morning. I was nervous about being away from Colbie because she still eats every two hours during the day. I honestly believe it is because that is how she deals with the reflux- several small meals throughout the day rather than normal feedings. Saturday night was not as bad as I feared because, well basically, my managers rock. Matt, the girls, and his parents came and ate at the bar. I was able to take Colbie to the office and feed her on schedule while they were eating. And by the time she was due for another feeding, I was home. Sunday, however, was totally different story.

I made sure to nurse Colbie right before I left for work that morning. I arrived at work at 10:30. (Much to the surprise of my manager, Chris. I am notorious for showing up for weekend morning bar shifts 5 minutes before we open) I worked the shift, made hardly any money, and called Matt to come get me 15 minutes before 4. He informs me on the phone that Colbie had not eaten at all since I left her.

I couldn't believe it. Colbie is my little porker. She is almost 4 months old, but she wears 6-9 month clothing sizes. She loves to eat! It is her favorite past time. And then, on top of the not eating, he said that she acted depressed as much as a 4 month old can act depressed- fussy and wanting to be held constantly. That literally broke my heart.

When we arrived at the house, I opened up Colbie's car door and she smiled at me as soon as she saw my face. And for the rest of the day, she cried if I left her line of sight. Poor little Colbie. I guess you really do love mommy!

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