Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Miss Colbie

I know that most of my post are about Piper. But, she is two so she says funny things and does funny things and, well, you get the picture. Today, is all about Colbie.

She is now 4 months old. She had a well check today and she weighs 14.5 lbs and she is 25.5 inches long. That puts her in the 75th percentile for both weight and height. She is facinated by her feet. She has been for weeks. She loves to stick her foot straight out in front of her, point her toes, and simply admire her feet. It is so freakin' cute. And last week, she figured out how to grab her feet. She can also grab a toy and bring it to her mouth.

This baby likes to go to bed early. If Colbie is not in bed by 9:30, she is not a very happy girl. This is the opposite of Piper, who would rather stay up all night. Colbie also loves all things that are silly- they make her laugh and show off those precious dimples.

She is not a snuggler. She would rather be looking at all the things around her than to be snuggled up against someone. Because of this, she wants to be held facing out so she can see.

She loves her sister and her daddy and me. She has a sweet disposition, but can get loud very quickly. She is the fussiest when she is tired and she always wakes up in a good mood. She is my sweet baby, Colbie Elizabeth Lovett


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