Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh no you didn't!

Well, what can I say? I've known it might happen since we brought Colbie home from the hospital, but I really was hoping that we were wrong...

My beloved cat, Rampage, bit innocent little Colbie last night-- while she was sleeping. Who/what does that?!?

She had fallen asleep after Matt, myself, Piper and Colbie had taken a walk around the neighborhood. I put her in her bed when we got home and proceeded to do some stuff around the house. Not even ten minutes later, Colbie started to cry and it was her cry that she does when she is in pain. I rush to her bed and there is Rampage, paw poised to strike, in Colbie's bed. Before I freaked out, I checked Colbie out to see if what I suspected had indeed happened. And there on her tiny little wrist were teeth marks. Stupid. Freakin'. Cat.

I was irate. Colbie did nothing to deserve the bite. And that really ticked me off. So, I told Matt to put him outside. That was last night. And today, we still haven't seen him. I'm sure he will show up when he gets hungry, but I also thinks he knows that he crossed the line. Our relationship is forever tainted :(

So, I don't know what to do about this situation. Maybe making him spend his days outside will relieve some of his aggression. I really do hope so.


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