Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Adventure Numero Uno

Piper is a terrible sleeper. She has been from day 1. We tried for the first 3 weeks to get her to sleep in her bassinet. She would wake up every 30 minutes screaming. And boy could she scream. It sounded like someone was burning her with cigarettes. Once, while out with my mom, Piper started crying her usual cry and a woman came running out of the dressing room to see what terrible thing had just happened to the baby she heard screaming. And there was P, screaming away, safely strapped into her stroller. So, that scream is what started the whole co-sleeping "thing".

Matt was in the other room working on the computer, when I being as sleep deprived as I was, decided to try nursing P laying in bed. Apparently, we both feel into a deep slumber, because 3 hours later I woke up when the hubby came to bed. She slept with us from then on.

Fast forward to her 2nd birthday. My husband had started sleeping on the couch after Colbie was born. (I must add that he does sleep in the bedroom on the weekends when he doesn't have to get up early.) So, there I was, sleeping alone in the bed with 2 kids. And P is not a good bed mate. She would literally kick and push me or herself out of bed every night. So, for her birthday, we set up a toddler bed in our room. Looking back, I wish we would have just put the thing in her room.

The point of all this is that I read an article in a parenting magazine about The Sleep Lady and I am seriously planning on purchasing her book. But, I honestly think that our situation has gotten so out of hand that I need to do a phone consult. *sigh*

Either way, I need Piper to be in her own room-- soon!


  1. I'm happy to report that Matt has been off of the couch for approx. 2 months! Hooray for that =)