Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday was a typical Friday.  Piper and I hung out watching movies while Colbie napped.  A movie titled The Amateurs was just starting when the I turned the power on the T.V., and Piper told me she wanted to watch it (which is totally random for her- she typically tries to force me into watching hour after hour of Team Umizoomi.)  I figured it was about a minor league baseball team from some odd reason, so I kept it on.  I soon realized that there was absolutely no baseball talk in sight and decided to press the info button. Hmmm, "Citizens of a small town, under the influence of a man in the midst of a mid-life crisis, come together to make an adult film."  I don't think that is appropriate for a two and a half year old, do you?  Needless to say, I quickly changed the channel.  Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken was on, and since I knew that movie would be okay, we watched it.  Piper enjoyed seeing the horses, and I enjoyed looking at the guy from Sixteen Candles. 

Saturday, Matt, Colbie, and myself met with Matt's parents and Piper at the State fair.  Only, Piper doesn't call it the fair.  She calls it the carnival, which is hilarious because no one around here does.  Grandaddy and KK told us that when they pulled up to the *ahem* carnival, that Piper was in the backseat exclaiming "That so cool!  That so fun! Awesome! Cool!  Fun!"  How cute is that?

At the fair carnival, we checked out all the animals.  We saw all kinds of typical farm animals, including cows and horses.  Piper was more interested in looking at the horse's food that the actual horse, but I did pet a couple of them.  There was a pig race which Piper loved (we recently had the opportunity to chase an escaped pig... Piper thought that was the coolest thing ever even though we got in "trouble" for terrorizing the poor thing) and after the pig race, she was able to ride on a pony.  We saw a circus and even went to a Petting Zoo. 

Ah, the Petting Zoo..

I feel sorry for these animals.  I can only imagine how much life would suck if you were part of a petting zoo.  Anyway, the Petting Zoo was free, but you had to pay for cups of food to feed the animals.  We didn't  purchase one and that pretty much blacklisted us as far as the animals were concerned. 

This Petting Zoo had lots of animals, including a giraffe.  Piper, who was riding on Matt's shoulders, wanted to see the giraffe, but because neither she nor Matt had any goodies to offer, it was ignoring them.  So Matt held out his hand in a fist to make the giraffe think that he had something in it.  This worked and the giraffe stuck as much of its muzzle through the fence as he could only to realize that Matt's hand was empty.  If giraffes can give a dirty look, this one definitely shot one at Matt.  I was able to pick up a carrot off of the ground in front of the giraffe to give to Piper to feed him.   Piper or Matt, I can't remember which one, held out the carrot for the giraffe to grab through the fence.  The giraffe, however, came over the top of the fence and knocked Piper  in the head with its head!  Piper, surprisingly, did not start freaking out.  She thought that the giraffe was giving her a sugar on her forehead so she saw no reason to be alarmed.  After the giraffe tried to take Piper out, he turned his back on Piper and Matt.  When we rounded the corner where he could see us again, he turned back around.  I guess he was really mad at Matt for trying to pull a fast one on him.  I actually caught the entire incidence on video, but somehow managed to erase the entire disc before we left the petting zoo.  

Piper also rode a few of the kiddie rides while we were at the carnival.  I was surprised that she love them as much as she did.  The biggest downer the whole day was that Piper wasn't tall enough (34" ins) to jump in a teeny bounce house that was at the fair.  This really upset her because she is able to get inside the huge bounce houses where we live. As we were leaving the fair, Piper pointed out the Ferris Wheel.  Someone asked her if it was fun, and she said "No!  It is dangerous!"  Maybe Miss Accident Prone is realizing she needs to avoid situations where serious injuries can occur.

Sunday, Piper and Matt carved a pumpkin.  After they finished carving it, I roasted the seeds.  It was my first time and I think they turned out pretty good.  But, neither Matt nor I know how you are suppose to actually eat pumpkin seeds.  Are you suppose to shell them or just put the whole thing in your mouth?  We just ate the whole seed.... no harm done, right?

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  1. What a fun filled weekend. I got tired just from reading it. We are going to the pumpkin patch this week. I also am thinking about going to the "carnival" on Thursday.