Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lil' Bit

My baby is growing up. *sigh*

Colbie loves to eat her solids! Her favorites change from day to day, so each meal is really a guessing game. Her go to food is definitely green beans. She will eat them up as fast as I can get them into her mouth.

She tried to pull up the other day, but she fell back and bumped her head which irritated her. I'm pretty sure that is going to keep her from trying again for a while.

She still isn't crawling. Every now and then she'll think about, but then she's like "Nah. I like it right where I'm at."

Annnddd, *drum roll please* She has TWO teeth coming in. Her left bottom tooth has barely broke the surface and the bottom right is just visible under her gums. She has been taking the whole teething thing like a champ. She hardly ever fusses and is pretty content as long as there is something to chew on in her hands.

She says "Mama" very clearly.  She also say "Dada" and will say "BaBa" while waving her little wrist.  So cute!

Now, for my favorite part!  I wrote in my last post about Colbie that I was determined to get a picture of the clamping shut of the mouth.  I did even better-  I have a video.  This baby is so precious!


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