Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back

I am beginning to get completely frustrated with this whole "potty training" nonsense.  Piper was doing really well.  We were having minimal accidents, even in the car.  But, this whole week has been a potty training nightmare.

She has not used her potty at all.  Instead, she has used the floor, her clothes, or furniture.  It has gotten beyond ridiculous.  And to make the situation worse, she smiles when I ask her is if she just tee-tee'd on the floor.  What the heck is up with that?

In addition to the many "accidents", she tells me no when I ask her if she has to go.  She also screams and cries when I tell her that I am going to take her to the potty.

I am honestly tempted to go back to diapering her full time.  But, she is two and a half years old!  And, she has proven to me that she can use the potty when she wants to.  Do I give up and revisit potty training at a later date?  Or, do I persevere and keep trying to succeed?  I need help--  I really, really do.

I am trying to not show Piper how aggravated I am becoming.  So, you get to hear about it instead!

Does anyone have any tried and true advice??


  1. Oh man! I know that you have to be quite frustrated. Are there any characters that she really likes? See if they have any potty training video with those characters. Are you rewarding her when she does use the potty? I hope things get better....soon

  2. I'd take her to the bathroom every two hours and sit her on her toliet while I sat on the larger one. I'd tell her this is what girl and mommy's do so they can stay clean and not get sick down there and have to see the Doctor for ouchies there. Point to the area. You might also start making her clean up her messes by holding her hand over the towel that you use to wipe the urine up with. Have her smell the towel too and say see this is stinky and needs to go into the toliet so we don't have to keep smelling it. Have her, by helping her wash out the rags or whatever, wet undies in the toliet water. I know that is gross, but with some children it works. They don't like putting their hands in that very cold water.
    Oh course both of you will really have to wash your hands with soap and warm water after, but sometimes if they realize they have to be part of the clean up team even though they are little, then they get it.
    I don't think this is cruel treatment, you're not spanking, or hitting, or yelling. Just be firm and matter of fact with them.
    Don't let their tears or screaming tantrums wear you down, you are the adult and are helping them to go to the next step in their development.
    Besides, many preschools won't let a child in that isn't potty trained.
    That's my opinion, you can take it or toss it.
    Some children are just stronger willed at an early age as compared to others on some issues,
    usually potty training.