Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Piper enjoying a Milkshake

A straw is for stirring, duh!
She rubbed it all over her legs like it was lotion
If you ever think your child looks thrown away think about this image
She told me she was making a picture with her "shake milk"
"I sticky!"
How a mom who doesn't do sticky cleans her kid


  1. LOL - I would have turned the hose on my son!! Too funny!

  2. Don't think I didn't try that first! Whenever the water came on she said "Don't spray me!"

  3. LOL...who knew a single milkshake could do all that?!? I don't know if I could just be still and take pictures... I'm glad you were able to because those picture are priceless

  4. Chanel, it wasn't even HALF a milkshake. M drank her half like a good girl. And trust me, I wanted to take it away from her so bad! But, I reminded myself that she is only a kid once and I that after this I will NEVER give her a milkshake in a cup without a lid! I'm very proud of myself for thinking beforehand "I think she should have this outside."

  5. Could you imagine what would have happened if your were in the house? Good job on thinking that through.

  6. Before I saw the last picture I was wondering if you'd be hosing her off outside. I think I like the wading pool idea better, like a yard bathtub.
    Kids, got to love them, and better yet got to love a chocolate milkshake.