Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Really?!?! REALLY???

I am in utter disbelief right now. 

Piper went to bed last night and slept all night without her pacifier!!!

Taking the binky away has been on the agenda for a while, but with potty training and her multitude of sleep issues, I had put it on the back burner.  For anyone that knows Piper, they know that taking her binky away was most definitely going to be a traumatic experience.  Where most kids have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, Piper had her pacifier.  Things got really bad around here when she started asking for it by name...

"Mama!  Where's my Binky? Find IT!"

When she gets mad in the car, she throws it and then expect someone to find it for her ( and you should see my car. Finding anything in there is not an easy task!). She may love her Binky, but she had a hard time keeping up with it.  As annoying as her talking to you with that thing in her mouth is, I have to admit it was the telling me to find it that would really aggravate me.

Well, we went to the store on Saturday and she had a binky with her.  I make her leave her binky in the car, but she somehow managed to sneak it in this time.  When we leave the store, she doesn't have it, but neither Matt nor I notice until we get into the car and she asks for it.  I was sure that a meltdown would follow when I explained to her that she lost it in the store and that Mommy doesn't know where it is.  Instead, she asked me if I knew where her pink binky was.  I did and I tell her where it is.  This satisfies her and she doesn't ask about the lost binky again.

Two days later, she loses the pink binky.  Neither she nor I notice until bedtime.  Colbie is asleep and being the awesome big sister that she is she whispered "I need binky." 
I whisper back that I don't know where it is.   After I tell her that I am not going to find it, she simply falls asleep.

And that was it! No scream fest, no tears, no throwing things.  Where was the meltdown and battle that I just knew we would face when it was time for binky to go away?  What happen to my drama queen.  I didn't know that 2 year olds could be so rational and *gasp* mature!

This morning, she asked for her binky only one time after getting out of bed.  I once again told her that I didn't know where it was.  That was the last I heard of it.  Of course, she hasn't gone to bed yet.

My baby girl is growing up.  Bittersweet, I tell you, bittersweet.


  1. Yay!!! I am so proud of Piper for being a big girl about her binky. Aren't you glad to hopefully (fingers crossed) be done with that? Now if we can just conquer potty training.

  2. I am still in shock! And, she went last night without it, too. Does two nights mean that she is done? I think I'll not get my hopes up until tonight.
    OHHH, potty training. All I'm gonna say is Piper's poor carseat! ;)

  3. Wow. Hey I would have sent up a big prayer of thanks to God for a non-meltdown at bedtime.