Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh Dora!

If you are a follower of my blog, then you may have read that we gave Piper a dancing Dora doll for doing well with her potty training.  Little did we know that Colbie would be the one who actually would do things to catch a glimpse of Dora doing her dance.
Colbie is the opposite of Piper;  where Piper is high strung passionate, Colbie is easy going.  But, her laid back nature has been a cause for concern in my mommy mind.  When I took her to her six month checkup, she still wasn't doing a mini push up when on her stomach.  And, although she had rolled over from her tummy to her back, she had only done it one time.  I mentioned this to her Dr. and she assured me that Colbie was fine.  She told me she was just lazy.
Being her mom, I took a little offense to the word "lazy" being used to describe my child.  But I now have to admit that she is, in fact, lazy.
So what does Colbie being lazy and Dora have to do with one another?  Let me show you!!

You caught me! I can do a mini push up!
I might even try to crawl... but only for Dora!
But that isn't the only thing she'll do for Dora.  She shocked me with something else, too. The little rascal!

What?  You didn't know I could sit up?
Why did she quit dancing?
"Will Work For Dora!"

I really was shocked.  Before we busted out the Dora doll, Colbie would sit up for 2 seconds.  That was it.  I set Dora down in front of her and suddenly, Colbie was a pro.  She sat up for at least 10 minutes before she started to fall back.  Oh, Colbie!  I am in no rush whatsoever, but what am I going to have to do to get you to walk? 

  Little does Mommy know I already make late night trips
to the kitchen to eat all her chocolate! Hahaha!

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  1. I LOVE it!!! All little Colbie needed was a little Dora motivation.