Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Want This: Boba 2G Baby Carrier

I am a babywearing mama.  I love having my little one close to me, but I don't have the arm power to tote her around all the time (which is why I need to be doing this)  I have a Sleepy Wrap and it is awesome, but Colbie really loves to look around.  So, she uses her arms to push against my chest so she can see better.  It looks like it may be time to upgrade to a soft structured carrier so that I can wear her on my back when we are out.  Lucky for me (unlucky for Matt!), the makers of the Sleepy Wrap (I did tell you I love it, right?)  also make the Boba 2G baby carrier.  It has me in complete lust mode.  In December, we will be taking a long flight to Wisconsin, and between airports and such, I know that I need this!  If anyone out there wants to play Santa Clause, (Pine or Willow, please)  I won't mind!!

But, since I doubt anyone is seriously going to drop one in my lap for no reason, I am trying to win one.  And as much as I don't want the added competition, I'm posting about it anyway because I am that desperate to get the extra entries!

So, if you would love a Boba 2G Carrier (and I know you do) head over to Momma in Flip Flops 2 and enter.  It ends on September 17 at midnight Central time.  So hurry and Good luck!


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