Monday, September 27, 2010

Currently Colbie

And because I don't need to ignore my second child, here is a post updating on Colbie!

Colbie has learned how to scream.  She does it all the time now and it drives me insane.  But I can't blame her because when you are competing with a couple of two year olds for attention you have to pull out all the stops! 
Some days, like today, she gets tired of me.  She fusses and fusses.  And just to prove to her daddy how much of an exaggerator I am, she puts on her happy face as soon as he gets home.  What a little smarty.
This little rascal has mastered the art of being lazy laid back.  She won't can't crawl yet, but she has figured out how to pull the blanket towards her so that toys that were out of reach (to coerce her into crawling, I might add!) are suddenly at her fingertips.
She loves to eat solids.  She loves them so much that the only time she wants to nurse is if she is trying to go to sleep.
When Colbie sees something she likes, she expresses her excitement with her whole body.  She kicks her legs, wiggles from side to side, and fist pumps.  Okay, she may not "fist pump" exactly, but it is her 8 month old version of it.
She has reached for me once, just to show that she can do it. 
If I am holding her, and someone reaches for her she will pull back and turn her head.  A clear and definitive "don't you take me from my mama!"
When she is tired of eating, she doesn't grab at the spoon or turn her head.  She simply clamps her mouth shut.  It is the cutest expression I have ever seen.  One of these days I'll get a picture of it.

That pretty much sums Colbie up for now!

Why would I want to turn around when I can just crane my neck?

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  1. Sometimes some of them that crawl late, seem to crawl the least and get right up soon and walk.
    Yet, some studies show that they need crawling to help develop a part of the brain dealing with spatial abilities. So even once she starts crawling and seems instead to want to walk soon, make sure to get down on the floor with her and do some play crawling to get her to crawl sometimes even though walking early. Some studies suggest this will help that area of the brain get the cueing it needs to help develop that area.