Monday, September 27, 2010

All the Things She Says pt 2

It's that time again!  I like documenting the things that come out of Piper's mouth because I know one day she won't say them any more.

*  "I not say I lub you!"  If Piper is angry and you tell her you love her, she says this.  At least she doesn't say I don't love you

*  "I not chill out!"  I tell her to chill out when she is acting crazy.

*  "I don't like that song.  I don't like that song either!  Turn it off!  I don't-- I like that song."

*  "That's my sister!  That's not your sister!"   This is what she tells me if I am doing anything to Colbie that Piper does not approve of.

*  "I smart."  (Points to her head) "My smart is up here.  My smart hurt."

*  "I did a BIG poo poo! Wanna come see it??"

*  "M is my best friend."

*  We have 3 terra cotta pumpkins on our porch.  She told me that the pumpkins were Daddy, Mommy, and Colbie.  Then she asked me "Where's Piper Pumpkin?"  And Matt didn't think we needed four pumpkins! Ha!

*  "I need to go hide!"  She says this when her Daddy gets to come home for lunch.  She insist on hiding from him.  And by hiding I mean she lays down on the couch and jumps up to yell surprise when he walks through the door.

*  To the Cat:  "Rammmpaggge! Raaammmppaagggee!  Where are youuuuu?  We color you a picture.  It is picture time!"  He's been spending a lot of time outside lately... I wonder why?

*  "Here's your munch mommy.  You want your munch?"  (lunch)

*  "Open it for me Mommy.  Ohhh, thank you!  Thank you so much!"

*  "One mommy.  One daddy.  One Colbie.  One Piper."

*  "That's so beautiful."

*  "I scared.  The thunder scare me."

*  She calls everything that fastens or anything that lays across her lap  a "seat belt."  This includes pillow, blankets, arms, and nursing bras.

*  "I wanna do it myself"

* "I want mellow cereal"  This is what she calls Lucky Charms which is actually my cereal but she forces me to share

* "I dirty.  I need a bath"  What she says when she wants to take a bath

* " I not dirty! I clean"  What she says when she does not want to take a bath

* "uh-oh sgetti oh's"

I know there is more to come!  Until next time...

I love my silly girl!


  1. Hey she actually has one with a don't in it.
    That's pretty good for a little girl. Little ones often do the do not or plain not, but a don't shows progressing speech. Woo Hoo, she's learning.
    Love her labeling the pumpkins with family names.