Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tea Party

We bought a cute little table for Piper on Friday that has the Disney princesses on it. It came with two matching chairs. Piper loves it. I figured that since she had a table of her own, I would open up a tea set that we have. She has been playing with it non stop. It is made of porcelain, and unfortunately has already suffered a casualty. She broke one of the plates (all I heard was "oh no! I broke it!" and turned around to see her holding three pieces of a little porcelain plate)

This morning when we woke up, she begged for me to take out the tea set again. So I got it and filled her little tea pot with water. She filled up two of the cups and then said "C'mon Rampage. Drinkie a tea!" Rampage was outside, though, so I went and got him. After he came in, I put some food on his little plate on Piper's table and the photo below took place. Such a cute moment!

Thank you, Rampage, for playing along with my little girl!


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